Knowledge Broker Blueprint – KBB Course 2.0 Review

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  • Product: Knowledge Broker Blueprint ( KBB Course 2.0) 
  • Developed by: Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson
  • Entry Fee: $1,997 – Payment Plan available.  
  • Official Site: >>> Click Here 

Have you ever had a business idea or solution to a problem but had difficulties sharing and making a dime out of it? Or have you ever needed help? Well, with the KBB online course, you learn how to turn your knowledge or other people’s idea into a profitable business. The KBB course is for everyone; it will teach you to be either of the following:

· How to launch a successful self-help course online

KBB assumes that everyone is talented in some way, i.e., we all can offer unique solutions to certain problems, so why not profit from our unique skills? KBB teaches you how to use mindmint software to systematically repackage your skills into a course and teach it to others online or offline.

· How to launch a mastermind event online

In the KBB program, mastermind describes a regular meeting of a group of entrepreneurs to share experiences and help improve each other’s businesses.

Anyone can launch masterminds. You bring people together, tell them to create a goal, and how they plan to achieve it, and the group will raise suggestions on how the person can implement his or her ideas. Follow-up gatherings happen where the member brings success stories and or problems and is offered solutions by experts.

· Strategies on how to run a successful mastermind

To run a successful mastermind, you must facilitate insightful and profound discussions. So, through KBB, you will learn how to set the agenda for each discussion, how to allocate time for each member’s agenda, and how to ensure in-depth and balanced conversations to motivate others to join in your vision.

Almost everyone dreams of running a successful business, but not everyone achieves this dream because the right help is not easy to find. With the KBB program, you can identify this gap as a business opportunity, i.e., create a mastermind where people receive help on how to run their businesses, and you can profit from running the event.

History of the KBB program

The original KBB program was launched back in April 2019. It included four modules and mindmint software. These modules instructed on how to turn one’s idea or other peoples’ into successful business ventures. It cost about $2k to join, and the feedback was heart-warming:

· About 24k people from 150 countries joined KBB in a short span of time

· The mindmint software was used to create 6290 events

· There were about 100k posts, reactions and comments on Facebook daily about the KBB methods

Then in February 2020, the modules and mindmint software were updated, and we got the KBB 2.0 program.

What is included in the KBB 2.0 Program?

· The KBB course

There are 6 modules to teach you how to extract, repackage, and sell your knowledge or how to broker other people’s knowledge. These include:

Mindset Mastery Module – This is the first module where you learn how to maintain the correct mindset for success. There are 4 lessons and involve catchy and informative videos too. Learn how to feed and condition your mind and body. You will learn how to deal with negative states of mind using transformational vocabularies, and finally, the must-have millionaire habits.

Extraction and Discovery – Everyone has a superpower, what is yours? Narrow down your niche, how to extract your skill and teach it to others. You will learn how to identify the right clients and attract them into your mastermind. You will also learn to identify which ideas to pursue and which one to skip. Negotiations skills are also taught.

Marketing Mastery – You will learn step by step procedures to becoming a marketing expert. You will learn mastermind funnel blueprint – how to create landing pages, how much to charge for events, how to recognize good and bad sales. You also learn the secrets to launch successful masterminds.

Generating the Right Leads – Here’s where you learn what platforms to market your event on (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). You will also learn how to spend money on ad campaigns and how to attract the first 100 perfect clients.

Running Your Event with Confidence – Dive into the psychology of running a perfect mastermind. Learn how to do both in-person and virtual events. For in-person events, you will learn the basics of picking a location, how to manage logistics, final room preparations, etc. for virtual, you will learn how to set up and run events using Zoom.

Knowledge and Consultant Reporter – Apart from being an expert or knowledge broker, you can also make money consulting for other people’s mastermind or as a knowledge reporter.

· What is MindMint software?

This a custom software that comes with the KBB program. Once you sign up for the KBB course, you get to use the software for one year to assist in running the logistics of your mastermind and online course. After that, you will have to pay about $97 per month to use the software. You can use the mindmint software to do the following:

  • Repackage your skills into an online course
  • Create high-quality landing pages for your online business
  • Build a workshop curriculum Analyze business progress.
  • Add custom domains to a KBB account is possible courtesy of software upgrades.
  • You can maintain your brand by keeping events in your domain.
  • Payment processing is now possible on KBB 2.0.
  • You can set up payment accounts and accept PayPal and Stripe methods of payment.
  • It’ also possible to see a list of attendees by clicking the CRM tab.
  • This list includes active members, archived members, their phone numbers, and email.

What are other things new on KBB 2.0?

The upgrade from 4 to 6 modules came with additional lessons including:

  •  Lessons on how to crush podcasts
  • How to launch your first event
  • How to get your first 100 perfect fans
  • Social media mastery
  • How to spend money on Facebook and YouTube ads
  • Social media and free traffic

KBB Method 2.0 Course Outlines

Why do KBB Methods work?

The self-education industry is growing so fast as DIY is all the rage right now. People want to build expertise to solve various technical problems on their own. If people want to pay you to teach them how to do something etc. you do that.

The self-education industry is projected to click the $1 billion per day mark by 2025, which is according to Forbes. This shows that more people are picking up digital self-help courses. So now is the best time to rethink your reasons against venturing into the self-education industry and let the KBB program guide you. Especially if you have professional skills, people trust the solutions you are peddling online, and KBB is the way to becoming a self-made authority in the field, all with the help of the mindmint software.

Pros of the KBB method

  • Can be done anywhere – online or offline
  • It doesn’t cost so much to join, takes only about $2k
  • It is comprehensive – includes mindsets, strategies, software, templates, and scripts you need to succeed
  • Has bonuses to motivate one to complete modules
  • The business model works in over a thousand niches
  • Not localized to the U.S
  • Created by the best team in the industry – Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson are respected men in their fields.

Cons of the KBB methods

  • The 2k price tag  is not affordable by everyone.

To tell the truth it’s hard to find any cons with this course. If you have the money get in so that you don’t miss out on the bonuses as well.  The 1 year free Mindmint software makes this a steal. That’s over $1,000 you are saving there.

Who is behind the KBB program?

There are a lot of programs online that promise to teach people the methods of building business empires, but who is behind them? For KBB, it’s 3 entrepreneurs with the most inspiring success stories in America. They are:

Dean Graziosi – From his humble days of making ends meet by selling firewood to venturing into a collision repair shop and then closing his first real estate deal when he was 20 years old, Mr Graziosi’s story is a true rise from rags to riches. And it’s his origins that make him scratch his head when he sees people struggling: He’s obsessed with sharing knowledge to help others succeed. His real estate shows on TV have drawn millions of viewers; his self-help books are best sellers. And now he has partnered with three other like-minded guys so the KBB methods can have a massive impact.

Russell Brunson – Russell is an internet marketing guru. His ClickFunnels Company is worth $360 million. ClickFunnels software has helped many businesses build high-quality landing pages to sell products or capture customer data. And now Russell has partnered with Dean and Tony to train people on how to extract and repackage their knowledge using mindmint software for sale.

Tony Robbins – What do Bill Clinton, Hugh Jackson, and the late Kobe Bryant have in common? One, they are all successful in their respective fields and two, they all relied on Tony Robbins strategies some times in their respective careers. Tony has influenced a lot of people; he’s an entrepreneur, peak performance coach, and philanthropist. His self-help books and seminars have inspired many across their business journey. And what happens when you listen to Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and Russel Brunson? You get to mint knowledge and make money out of it.

Final Thought

Created by the best of the best in the infopreneurial industry, KBB is a 6-module course on how to make money, selling business solutions online. It includes the right software and templates to launch your first mastermind. Anyone who wants to sell knowledge, work remotely, or just make a difference in other people’s lives is going to appreciate it. But if you think it’s a get rich quick scheme, so sorry!




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