Who Is Dean Graziosi?

In the pursuit of wealth and success, you have to derive motivation and inspiration from several successful people. One of the people that many idolizes and tries to follow his strategies is Dean Graziosi. Well-known for his success in real estate, Dean is far more than a real estate investor; he is also a life coach and a teacher.

He has published many books about real estate and holds seminars as well as TV interviews to teach people about strategies to use in real estate. Everything he has done has propelled him a step up, and today, we will look at his life and the courses as well as masterminds he has published, including the incoming course titled Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

So, Who Is Dean Graziosi?

Dean Graziosi is a renowned American entrepreneur, success coach, real estate investor, marketer, and first-class trainer.

He has been on American TV for over 15 years now and is widely regarded as an entrepreneur, businessman, blockbuster author, and inspirational speaker. Dean has made his name thanks to his long-standing personalized interview-style and generosity with knowledge and is now one of the most popular real estate coaches.

He has drawn millions of viewers around the world thanks to his exploits in the online space, and since 2006, he has authored five books, most of which have become best sellers in their categories. In fact, one of his successful books recorded a sale of over one million copies.

Through his books, interviews, and products, Dean has helped many people by providing tricks, ideas, and knowledge on how to venture successfully in the real estate market. We will talk about some of his books and programs later on in this post. Let’s first talk about his early life.

Dean Graziosi’s Early Life

Dean had a challenging childhood but didn’t let his humble beginning pull him back from chasing success. Born and raised in Marlboro in New York, Graziosi is the youngest son in his family. His parents, Gloria Post and Paul Graziosi divorced when he was three years old, and he had to live with his mother until the age of 13 years when he moved to live his father as per the agreement in the divorce.

While he has gone on to become one of the most successful investors in the field of real estate, Dean’s upbringing was not privileged. During his adolescence years, his family struggled financially, and they had to relocate 20 times before Dean was 20 years.

He schooled at Marlboro High School and didn’t get a chance to attend college. Instead of furthering his education, he opted to take his chance into entrepreneurship, with his first shot at business being as an auto arbitrageur.

This new business venture required him to buy cheap cars, fix them, and then sell them for a profit. During this time, he tied down his first real estate deal, whereby he didn’t use his money to secure the property. He bought a rundown apartment that didn’t require immediate capital investment. Fortunately, it paid off, and it is this first real estate deal that catapulted him into the successful real estate investor he is today.

Currently married to Lisa , Dean lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he lives with his two children Brody and Breana.

Well, that’s all we will discuss his personal life, let’s now talk about his publications.

Dean Graziosi Events, Books, Courses, and Mastermind

1. The Growth Summit Event

This is where renowned coaches and authors like Ethan Willis, Brendon Burchard, as well as Dean Graziosi come together to discuss several topics on investment. Entrepreneurs who come to this event have built impressive education businesses in the last 20 years.

The Growth Summit Event is not only an impactful and life-changing event but also inspires one to keep following life goals and ambitions. This event, which happens twice every year, is a networking and knowledge-sharing event that talks about the growth challenges entrepreneurs face as well as strategies one can use to grow and succeed fast.

2. Books

Dean created his first book in 2006 that was published by a popular publishing press called Vanguard Press. Titled Totally Fulfilled, the book became the New York Times bestseller at that time. In this book, Dean explains the key approaches and strategies he has used to succeed in real estate investments and other facets of his life.

He published his 2nd book titled Be A Real Estate Millionaire, where he has explained the secret strategies one can use to invest in real estate business to generate passive income and lifetime wealth. This, too, was published by Vanguard Press and become a best seller of the New York Times as well. It was also listed among the best sellers on Amazon and appeared on the Wall Street Journal.

Dean published his 3rd book, Profit from Real Estate Right Now, to help beginners learn about investing in real estate. It is more of a step-by-step guide, and this too became an immediate hit. Within 90 days after its launch, the book overtook the monthly sales his other best-selling books had got.

He went on to create two more books, 30-Days to Real Estate Cash and Your Town Your Profits. Both talks about real estate investment and they too enjoyed massive success.

3. Real Millionaire Monthly Online Course

This online course is created by Dean and Matt Larson, one of his top students in the real estate sector. The course aims at helping folks who have the notion that real estate business is already saturated or need a lot of capital to start as well as out-of-this-world strategies and tools so as to crack it.

Matt Larson, a student of Dean Graziosi, has had 8,000+ real estate deals to his portfolio thanks to the teachings he has received from his boss. One of the benefits of getting this monthly millionaire training is that there is a Q&A session as well as access to a live webcast.

The recordings are made available to subscribers who didn’t watch the webcast.

4. Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Well, this is a mastermind course that was created by renowned business-savvy marketers- Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, and Dean Graziosi.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB), is a unique course that aims at educating people on how to profit from the knowledge or skill they have. It is an ideal fit for you if you are skilled or an expert in a certain field. By using the knowledge in this guide, you will be able to create and profit from the course you create around your area of expertise.

One of the interesting things about Knowledge Broker Blueprint is that it helps you in successfully building masterminds and organizing it into small-group training, seminars, and setting up workshops.

However, it goes beyond this as you will learn marketing strategies and techniques you can use to have a successful training program. All you need is to follow the steps described in this guide.

If you are skillful in any field and you feel that people can benefit from your skill, this course will help you put together your thoughts into a program/course you can sell. KBB has everything you need to set up a profitable business model that revolves around your skill.

Dean has worked together with Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson to bring a comprehensive mastermind course that will help everyone set up a successful business around their area of expertise.

In addition to strategies, this course also comes with a software called MindMint. This software makes it easier for you to create a course. It walks you through the process of creating a launching event and how you can deliver it to attendees.

On top of helping you subdivide your course into subtopics or steps your audience can follow, MindMint software also helps you to create a sales funnel. A sales funnels help you sell your course easily to your audience, by helping you warm your audience to buying the course.

In other words, we can term Knowledge Broker Blueprint as a comprehensive course that has all you need to set up a successful business around your skill. And the best thing is that you will be learning from the best.

We can recommend this course to everyone who has a skill or expertise they can monetize.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Dean Graziosi is a renowned entrepreneur and real estate investor. His excellent contributions to the real estate industry and entrepreneurship is among his most outstanding achievements.

One thing that separates Dean Graziosi from other real estate coaches is his generosity with knowledge. In his courses, he never holds anything back. He gives all his secrets and strategies to people who are interested in learning more about investing in real estate business. From his courses and books, you can learn how to invest in the real estate industry.

And in his latest course, Knowledge Broker Blueprint, Dean teaches about how one can monetize their skills. This course is for everyone, and you can benefit a lot from the vast knowledge the three investors share about setting up a business around your area of expertise. Therefore, we can recommend it to anyone with a skill they feel can help other people solve a problem.

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